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Brand Damaging Mistakes That Marketers Keep Making

As marketers for your business, there are many things that you can do that will either make or break your strategies and their outcomes. Your goal is to build brand awareness and generate a following in order to achieve a positive outcome. Too often that marketers make small mistakes that can and eventually will lead to brand-damaging results. We have provided you with a list of these brand damaging mistakes in order to help you adjust your strategies and find success in your marketing outcomes.

Not Paying Enough Attention

It’s a common mistake for many businesses to embark on marketing campaigns and miss vital details that may have a major impact on the outcome. Often, businesses that focus too much on simply getting the word out there are unintentionally hurting their campaigns by simply not paying attention. Visuals, colour schemes, taglines and logos all have a major impact on the quality of the campaign. When creating your campaign, ensure that your content, colours and overall aesthetic of what you are producing all align with your brand and its goals. Any messy or informal content can turn people off. So pay attention and create a campaign that will flourish.

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Your Hands Are Too Full

Just because there are a variety of social media platforms readily available, it does not mean that you have to utilise them all. Choose only the platforms that will benefit your brand in a positive way. For example, an electrician service will probably create a larger following and more brand awareness through the use of Facebook as opposed to using Twitter. If you feel as though you’re finding it difficult to juggle your current social media sites, select only a few and focus solely on them. Do not give more attention on one more than the other, your efforts will show in your work. If you are only a small team, do only what you as a small team are capable of.

Brand Damaging Mistakes

Product Focus Over Community Growth

Now we are all guilty of self-promoting and plugging our products, but too much of it can put a bad taste in your mouth. When your consumers access your social media or website, they don’t want to see promotion after promotion. The constant plugging of your products will get you nowhere in content marketing. Take a step back, and notice the red flags waving around! Give your audience other content get them excited about your business. Focus on them, give them what they want and watch your audience grow.


Quality Over Quantity

Some marketers are under the assumption that by creating frequent and large amounts of content, it will generate greater interest in their business and therefore build their following. Unfortunately, this is not the way that it works. Instead of focusing on the quantity and frequency of their content, marketers must focus on content quality. A large portion of your followers will most likely lose interest within the first couple of paragraphs. Instead of stretching out your content to fill a word count, be precise. Have a goal in mind before you begin to write and keep it to the point. If necessary, use sub-headings to assist you in avoiding these brand damaging mistakes.


As a marketer, it is your role to stimulate brand exposure with all the resources available to you. With all of these resources, be sure to use them to their full potential and to the best of your ability in order to create successful outcomes. These brand damaging mistakes are here to guide you and to assist you in your improvement. If you keep your focus on your main goals, improvement will follow.

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