Thanks to the internet and all the intuitive tools out there for building websites, advertising online and more, businesses have a lot of power to build their brands and reach new customers—without spending much money. However, while it’s easier today for companies to manage their own marketing than it used to be, there are still huge benefits to be gained from working with a qualified and experienced internet marketing agency.

How Get More Traffic Can Help Your Business

At Get More Traffic, we have been providing internet marketing to businesses in Australia since 2009. Technology and the internet, in general, have changed somewhat during that time, but the basics of what we do have stayed the same. We still have the same goal as we always did, which is to help our customers attain higher quality traffic—and make more money as a result. If you’ve been managing your own internet marketing and want to know how we might be able to help you to get more out of your budget, here are five of the principal methods:

1. We already know Google AdWords

One of the hardest aspects of online marketing for companies that choose to manage their own campaigns is search engine marketing. Pay-per-click platforms like Google AdWords can theoretically be supervised by anyone, but there is a science and art to PPC marketing that only comes from years of experience. At Get More Traffic, our internet marketing company is Google certified, which means that we are proven experts when it comes to handling AdWords campaigns. Not only can we save you the hassle of learning how to use AdWords, but we can also target your advertising so that you maximise your ad positions while minimising your spending. Everything from keyword choice to geography can impact how much you pay and how qualified your leads are. Get More Traffic knows how to assess every angle to give you the best results. Similarly, we are highly familiar with Facebook’s advertising platform and can help you navigate that as well.

2. We keep track of Google algorithm updates

Hiring a dedicated internet marketing company is worthwhile if only because internet marketing is our focus and our speciality. Even when businesses have a manager or team member who knows their way around online marketing tools, that person is usually also focused on other overarching business matters. It’s difficult to give online marketing the attention it deserves—especially when it comes to changing trends or best practices. At Get More Traffic, we live and breathe digital marketing, which means that we are always plugged in to the latest Google algorithm updates (as well as other trends that might change the internet marketing game). With us in your corner, you don’t have to worry about following these trends. If something changes, we’ll know and will be able to factor it into your campaign. Since SEO is constantly evolving regarding what works best and what is or is not allowed, our close attention to detail will help you stay ahead of the curve and above board.

3. We build conversion optimisation into the websites we create

Thanks to template builders and other similar tools, it’s easy for anyone to create a passable website these days. The problem is that ‘passable’ isn’t going to help you beat your competitors. With Get More Traffic as your internet marketing agency, we will build conversion optimisation right into your website. We deliberately design the web experience to push visitors through the pipeline towards conversion.

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