You’ve gone through the process of keyword research and content development, and have even optimised your website to be search engine friendly. By all accounts, your SEO campaign is doing what it should. You’re ranking on several SERPs, your traffic is up, and you are getting decent conversion rates. You’ve done all that you need to do with search marketing. Or have you?

Get a Comprehensive Search Marketing Campaign by Collaborating with Get More Traffic

At Get More Traffic, we provide search marketing services in Gold Coast. In our minds, search marketing consists of three things: search engine optimisation, conversion optimised website design and paid search engine marketing. Search engine optimisation is meant to boost your SERP rankings organically, supplying traffic to your website that way.

A conversion optimised site, meanwhile, will make sure that, when users do visit, you can hold their attention. Search engine rankings and the traffic they send to your website are only so valuable if your conversion rate is sub-par. Our team can help you optimise your site to minimise bounces, drive engagement and push first-time visitors towards purchases.

SEM is the third part of our Gold Coast search marketing services, and it’s just as crucial as parts one and two. If SEO delivers visibility on SERPs through organic means, then SEM is the other side of the coin: paid advertising on search engines. Platforms like Google AdWords allow business to pay for visible sponsored ad slots on certain keyword searches. These slots are pay-per-click (or PPC), which means you only pay for the users that actually click on your site. With a well-designed AdWords campaign, this structure can mean that you are only paying for the most qualified leads.

At Get More Traffic, we often hear from clients who assume that, if they have a strong organic SEO campaign, they don’t need SEM. In reality, the best search marketing campaigns in Gold Coast will always incorporate both tactics. Our team can help you master both so that you get the most out of your search engine marketing campaign.

There are a few benefits of SEM that SEO can’t provide. First off, platforms such as Google AdWords allow for near-instant results. Organic SEO takes time and effort but can provide huge long-term benefits. Paid SEM can put you on the top page of Google today, and is particularly beneficial for marketing more time sensitive things. Google AdWords is also easier to measure than SEO, easier to tweak to maximise ROI and easier to tailor to reach exactly the target audience you want. Plus, Google also offers a display network, which makes it easy to place remarketing ads around the web while you are managing your PPC campaign.

Overall, though, SEM and SEO are best together. It might seem wasteful to pay for a sponsored Google ad when you already have an organic ranking attained through SEO. However, getting your brand featured twice on the front page of a search builds authority and will improve the likelihood of you getting clicks from engaged customers.

Add SEM to Your Gold Coast Search Marketing Strategy

Are you ready to incorporate SEM into your search marketing in Gold Coast? If so, count on Get More Traffic. We are Google Certified and extremely experienced with Google AdWords and its various capabilities. Contact us on 1300 332 256 to find out more.