Is your company spending big on a Google AdWords campaign, only to see consistently disappointing results? Google AdWords campaigns can be difficult to get a handle on—even if you have someone on your team who has experience in the search engine marketing sector.

A poorly managed AdWords campaign can result in your business spending more money than it is bringing in. Still, even when you see big spending rates and poor conversion rates on your AdWords spend, it can be tough to determine exactly what the problem is. You want to hone your AdWords campaign into a wildly successful one—one that brings your business thousands of qualified leads every month and essentially keeps your company afloat—but you aren’t sure how.

Call Get More Traffic Today for a Free AdWords Audit

At Get More Traffic, we have a skilled search engine marketing team with members who know their way around the Google AdWords platform. If there is a way to transform your AdWords campaign from a money-losing proposition into a money-gaining juggernaut, we can find it. Asking us for an AdWords audit may just be the key to your campaigns successful growth.

Best of all, Get More Traffic is currently offering a free AdWords audit to all interested clients. If your business is based in Australia and has an AdWords account, we can offer you a free audit. This audit process—which we call a ‘Health Check’—will involve a detailed review of your AdWords campaign. From the keywords you are targeting, to your written ad copy, to your campaign setup options; we will look at every characteristic of your AdWords campaign.

Our goal with every AdWords account audit is to find areas where your campaign might be lapsing in some way. Wasted spending, missed opportunities, flawed campaign strategies: these are the ailments our Health Check is designed to highlight.

Moving on Past Your AdWords Free Audit

So what happens after you’ve worked with Get More Traffic’s AdWords team for a free audit? What are the next steps?

Once we have completed your AdWords account audit, we will provide a report documenting areas of improvement throughout your campaign. We will also offer recommendations as to how your AdWords spend could be better managed, to deliver the kind of results you want to see.

In most cases, clients come to us for a free AdWords audit and then end up working with us going forward. As adept as our team is at identifying flaws in an AdWords campaign, they are just as skilled in providing the necessary course corrections. You can give us the reigns of your next AdWords spend with full confidence that we can cure any ailments we diagnose and build a strong Google AdWords campaign on the backs of those improvements.

Are you interested in putting your AdWords campaign through the paces of a free audit? If so, call Get More Traffic to schedule your Health Check today. You can reach our team by dialling 1300 332 256.