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Increase Your Online Visibility with Google Display Ads Increase Your Brand Exposure with Brand Ads

Google Display Ads Create Brand Awareness

At Get More Traffic, we offer Google Display Ads management services to help businesses create brand awareness and reach their target audience across the Google Display Network. With our expertise in display advertising, we can help your business effectively showcase your brand and engage potential customers on high-visibility websites, mobile apps, and YouTube videos.

Overview of our Google Display Ads Services

1. Strategy Development: Our team of digital marketing experts will work closely with you to understand your brand, target audience, and advertising goals. Based on this information, we will develop a strategic plan for your Google Display Ads campaign, including audience targeting, ad creative, and budget allocation.

2. Audience Targeting: We leverage the powerful targeting options provided by Google to reach the most relevant audience for your brand. We can target based on demographics, interests, browsing behavior, and even retargeting previous website visitors. By precisely reaching your target audience, we can maximize the impact of your display ads.

3. Compelling Ad Creative: We create visually appealing and engaging display ads that effectively communicate your brand message. Our team of designers and copywriters will craft compelling ad creative that grabs attention and encourages users to click and learn more about your brand.

4. Ad Placement and Optimization: We carefully select the websites, mobile apps, and YouTube videos where your display ads will appear. Through ongoing monitoring and optimization, we optimize ad placements to ensure maximum visibility and engagement. We continuously analyze ad performance and make data-driven adjustments to improve click-through rates and conversions.

5. Brand Awareness Campaigns: Google Display Ads are an effective tool for creating brand awareness and increasing brand visibility. By displaying your ads on relevant websites and mobile apps, we can help increase your brand’s exposure and reach a wide audience who may be interested in your products or services.

6. Performance Tracking and Reporting: We provide detailed reports on your Google Display Ads campaign performance with Google Analytics, including key metrics such as impressions, clicks, conversions, and cost-per-click. Our transparent reporting allows you to track the effectiveness of your ads and make informed decisions about optimizing your display campaigns.

7. Ongoing Campaign Management: Our team actively manages your Google Display Ads campaigns, continuously monitoring performance and making necessary adjustments to improve results. We stay updated with industry trends and best practices to ensure your ads are always optimized for success.

By partnering with Get More Traffic for your Google Display Ads management, you can effectively build brand awareness, increase visibility, and reach your target audience across the Google Display Network. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your business achieve its brand awareness goals.

Other Google Adwords Services

Get Global Coverage
GDN provides us with the opportunity to place your display ads against related content that stretches across thousands of websites.

Choose Where And When
With GDN, you get the option to target who you want, wherever you want it. We target specific audiences that will enhance your chance of success.

Topic Targeting
Through topic targeting, we get your ads to appear on any pages within the GDN that make reference to the relevant content and helping you get closer to your target audience.

Measuring Success
GDN provides you with the access to detailed reports on your advertising which we will be able to send through to you and discuss your success.

Audience Targeting

With the ability to choose what target demographic to advertise to, we help you decide which will benefit your brand the most and get the ball rolling.

Our specialists are experts at using the right keywords to get your business and brand noticed!

Choose Your Ads Package Tailor your package to suit your needs

Sales and lead optimisation
- Competitor Research & Analysis
- Remarketing Strategies
- Compelling Ad Copy
- Split Test Variations

ROI focused campaigns
- Multi-network Options
- Advanced Optimisation
- Google Shopping Experts

Calls and business when you need it
- Advanced Call Solutions
- Geo-Targeted Campaigns
- Multiple Ad Variations
- Trade Specific Set-up

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What our clients say Real people - Knowledge - Real results

· Superb!
· Very good communication
· Excited about the changes
· Like being involved in the ideas sharing
KCI Healthcare - Chris Wilson

Get More Traffic are a rarity, they promised a lot but they delivered. Within a couple of months my leads tripled. What a difference.
Daniel Imiolek - Carpet Court

Road Map The Road To Success


Research & Development
We structure a highly relevant, targeted campaign to begin our kick start strategy to optimisation.


Analyse & Optimise
Identify which of our exclusive optimisation strategies will work best to ensure the best results for your goals.


Advanced Optimisation
Review dimensions and leverage existing results to problem solve any new challenges utilising Advanced Quality Score analysis.


Performance Management
Review results of advanced optimisation campaigns and maximise ROI with budget strategy.


Secure Long Term Performance
Expand focus on competition watch and identify risks and threats to prepare a contingency strategy to secure performance.


Maintain & Continually Optimise
Expand our focus on advanced bid management strategies to always maintain the highest possible ROI.