When it comes to managing a pay-per-click marketing campaign for an e-commerce site, there are a few major pros and cons that don’t necessarily come with other business PPC campaigns. The good news with e-commerce PPC is that your first batch of keywords to target is usually obvious. The Google search queries that you want to have funnelling customers towards your site are the ones that correspond with your products names, brands and model numbers. Thus, it’s relatively straightforward to decide where to start when you first launch a PPC campaign for your e-commerce business.

The problem is that this early simplicity is something of a double-edged sword. Once you are already targeting the obvious product-centred keywords for your brand, e-commerce PPC management becomes a lot more difficult. How can you continue improving or expanding your PPC campaign if you already have Google AdWords advertisements targeting all the most relevant keyword searches?

Engage the Services of Get More Traffic to Improve Your E-Commerce PPC Management

If you are at a loss for how to continue building your e-commerce PPC campaign, or if you aren’t seeing the type of traffic or conversion results that you want from your campaign, give us a call at Get More Traffic. We offer an entire niche of search engine marketing services geared towards e-commerce businesses.

If you have an existing PPC campaign, we can come aboard and help you take it to the next level. With a combination of competitor watching, market research and other tactics, we can help you generate and implement a list of relevant keywords and negative keywords that you haven’t even thought of yet. Some of these keywords and keyword phrases might even be more focused and less competitive than the ones you are currently using—making it easier to win traffic from them.

If you want to launch a brand-new e-commerce PPC campaign, but aren’t sure where to start, we can help you on that front as well. Getting a handle on platforms such as Google AdWords and Google Shopping can be difficult—even if you have a decent idea of what your targeted keywords can be. Our team at Get More Traffic has managed countless PPC campaigns for e-commerce companies and other types of businesses to boot. You can trust us to implement, manage and optimise your campaign so that you start seeing the level of traffic and conversion that you need.

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Don’t let your Google AdWords campaign stagnate because you aren’t sure which keywords to start targeting next. Don’t let your competitors win over all the prospective customers because they have a better grasp of the keyword and negative keyword positioning that nets PPC traffic. Instead, give us a call at Get More Traffic and rely on us for your e-commerce PPC management needs. We will help you manage your PPC ecommerce campaigns, so you can concentrate on running your online business. You can reach us today by calling 1300 332 256.