If you choose Get More Traffic as your SEO company in Queensland, you will find that we have three basic search engine optimisation ‘competition levels.’ These competition levels—labelled simply as ‘Low,’ ‘Moderate’ and ‘High’—mostly dictate the geographic reach that your campaign will have. Each competition level, meanwhile, includes three basic packages. In other words, Get More Traffic his nine basic package types that clients can choose. The question is, which package is right for you?

Choosing Your Competition Level

The first step towards deciding which Get More Traffic package is right for you is choosing your competition level. Get More Traffic is an SEO company based in QLD. However, we can provide SEO services on a nationwide scale should your business require that level of service. We can also provide a local focus if a smaller scale is the optimal choice for your company.

These types of geographical and reach-related considerations are paramount to choosing your competition level. Here are your options:

  • Low: We design our packages in this category for local SEO in suburban areas. If your business operates in a suburb or a smaller city and doesn’t have a national presence beyond that, then this option might be ideal.
  • Moderate: The moderate competition level is for companies that don’t need national marketing, but whose local SEO involves major city markets. If your business is based in a capital city like Sydney, Perth or Melbourne, you will have more competition for search engine results than you would in the suburbs. Packages at this level are designed to help you compete in those tougher markets.
  • High: If you are marketing your products or services nationwide, then you are in the ‘High’ competition level. When you choose a package at this level, our SEO company in Queensland will focus on boosting your search results Australia-wide.

Selecting the Right Package from Our SEO Company in QLD

Now that you have a good idea of what each of Get More Traffic’s SEO competition levels means, you can turn your attention to selecting a specifically targeted SEO package for your brand.

In each competition level, there are three different packages. These packages equate to being low, moderate and high-level marketing options in each geographical target. The lower-rung packages allow optimisation for fewer keywords and provide the essentials regarding features and services. The moderate and high-level packages enable you to target more keywords and get other services—such as the implementation of call-to-action buttons on your website, analysis, and consultation for your social media profiles and more.

If you are interested in learning more about what we include in each of our packages, you can explore our landing pages for each geographical competition level. Click here for our suburban packages, here for our city packages, and here for our nationwide options. If you have any specific questions about any of our packages, or if you are interested in sitting down with our QLD SEO company for a consultation, give us a call on 1300 332 256.