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Jade Fitzpatrick

How Tradies Can Increase Bookings This Easter

Increasing Your Bookings Over Easter: Advice For Tradies

Do you hear that? It’s Easter, and it’s fast approaching. Don’t panic, though, because we have some tradies marketing advice to help you increase your bookings these Easter holidays. So without any further adieu, let’s cruise right into it.

Advertising For Tradies: The Importance Of Switching Up Your Ads

The truth is, clients know when you’ve done your homework. If you still have your St Pattie’s ads running over Easter, well, then that’s a bit of a problem. Not only does incorrect advertising show potential clients you’re unprepared, but it can reflect poorly on your entire business. ‘If they can’t even update their website, how can I trust them to provide a professional service?’. And look, we know how dramatic that sounds. But, when it comes to beating out the competition, you’ve really got to do all you can to come out on top. So, how do you do that? Well, let us give you some pointers.

Tips For Overtaking The Competition This Easter Period

If you’re keen to fill your books over the Easter holidays, here are some tips to give you a jumpstart:

Get into the spirit. Change your ads to reflect the Easter season. This could look like Easter imagery or some egg-cellent puns sure to capture your audience’s attention.

Promotions/seasonal pricing. You want to start your promotions and offers a little early to ensure that clients know you’re available if your services are needed over Easter. Your ads might look something like: ‘We’re open all of Easter, and because we understand accidents happen, we’re offering our services to clients 24/7.’ ‘Refer a friend this Easter, and we’ll waive your call out fee. That’s our holiday guarantee!’

Use your social media. Engage and communicate with your audience through your social media stories, statuses, and posts. This is not only a great way to strengthen ongoing client/tradesman relationships but is an opportunity to widen your reach.

Implement hashtags. Hashtags don’t need to go viral to make an impact. So making business-specific hashtags you can use over Easter can help increase traffic to your page/s.

Pop-Ups and banners. What better way to increase traffic than through an eye-catching pop-up or banner? No, we don’t mean those annoying ones that clog up your page and deter audiences from engaging. We mean holiday specific banners that are a quick and effective way to relay information to your customers. Like the one below!


Source: Facebook

Do your research! Finally, look into what your competitors offer and try to do one better. If your competitor is closed over the break, that’s great, but you want to find the best way to come out on top if they aren’t. So, research around to optimise your booking potential.

How Digital Marketing For Tradies Can Help Drive Traffic And Leads To Your Business

Raise your hand if you have a phone on you or within reach. Everybody? Okay, cool. Raise your hand if you have either made a call or sent an email on that phone. Exactly! Most people have. Digital marketing helps put your business at the fingertips of consumers. Here’s how it can help you:

Consistent online presence. Regularly promoting your company on all platforms will help increase your organic reach. This could look like status uploads, images of your work or replies to your reviews.

Local business directories. We can’t say it any louder: PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE. And this one is simple because it requires little effort and maintenance. Fact is, the world is going digital, and consumers want businesses to be more accessible than ever. So, start with Google My Business and then get listed other directories like hipages and Tradif so customers can find you when they need you.

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. Do you have specific keywords you’d like to appear on Google for? Good news because that’s where SEO comes in. Optimising your website for SEO purposes helps you rank higher on Google. So this Easter, try changing up your website copy to reflect your holiday booking needs.

Facebook Ads. Did you know that consumers use their phones more during the holidays? It’s no wonder either; they don’t have jobs to attend! You can take advantage of this, though, and set up ads on Facebook to reach a larger target market.

Google Ads. A common misconception is that tradies should pause their ads over the holidays. However, during this time, your ads are more important than ever. Plus, if everyone else is pausing theirs, you’ll come out on top. So really, you are the real winner here.

For more information about tradies marketing or to increase your reach these holidays, get in touch with our team of digital marketers today.

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Is your website a highway at peak hour? Because boy, you’ll be getting a lot of traffic with the help of our digital marketing experts. We’re passionate about helping businesses all over Australia harness the power of digital marketing to take their bookings to the next level. So, if you’re ready to give traffic to your website the green light and learn more about tradies marketing, contact the team at Get More Traffic today!

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The Ultimate EOFY Checklist For Your Small Business

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know the end of the financial year is approaching. That means it’s probably time to get your social media marketing in order. But if you really want the end the financial year on a high note, there are some things you’re going to want to do. Below is our ultimate EOFY checklist for small businesses, guaranteed to help you end the financial year with a bang!

Get More Traffic’s Top 10 EOFY Tips

At GMT, we’re helping you get ready for the EOFY. That said, here is a checklist to help make the preparation just that much simpler. 

Review And Coordinate Your Accounts

Do you have any outstanding debts or vice versa? Say you’ve paid for Google Ads in Australia but your account is overdue or maybe you’ve provided a service to someone else who now owes you. Use this period to get on top of what you’ve paid to others and what they’ve paid you. You’ll want to make sure you pay vendors any money owed as well. Sorting all this out means you won’t have to worry about it being taxed next year. 

Keep Records And Back Up Your Data

You’ve heard the term, ‘I’ve got receipts’, and well there’s no hard evidence like proof of purchase. Additionally, we recommend backing up any crucial files or data onto a hard drive independent of your computer. You know, for safe measure. Trust us, if systems fail you’re going to thank yourself for being so proactive. 

Review Your Insurance

While you’re at it, you might as well review your insurance policies for any updates. Doing so will allow you to determine if you’re still on a package that’s right for you and your business. It’s also a great opportunity to update your insurer on any change in circumstance. 

Conduct An Audit

Count and recount your inventory so you know exactly what you have and what you need. Doing so will allow you to match what’s on paper with what’s on hand. 

Use Your Calendar

Planning is key so make a note of all your upcoming due dates, including by when you need to lodge your tax returns. 

Lodge Your Taxes

In Australia, the ATO expects you to lodge your taxes on or before October 31st so we recommend getting ready early. Organise your expenses and other tax deductions so you can have your return ready for submission sooner rather than later.

Rectify Bookkeeping Errors

With the financial year ending, you’ll want a fresh start going into the new year. We recommend going through your bookkeeping and identifying any transaction errors on your bank accounts and credit card statements.

Implement And Update Management Software

Management software makes keeping track of your inventory, finances, and other business assets easy. While we also encourage you to check all of these things manually during this time, implementing and updating your management software will save you time and resources in the long run. 

Prepare Financial Reports

Running financial reports helps point out where your business rests financially. Additionally, they’re fantastic for helping businesses outline and plan their budgeting. There are three financial reports you’re going to want to run this financial year and every subsequent year after. They are:

Balance sheet
Cash flow sheet 
Profit-and-Loss (P&L) statement

Prepare For The New Year

If you’re reading this checklist, you likely want to get on top of everything before the new financial year rolls around. By doing so, you’ll be able to figure out how your company performed over the past year and make an action plan for the future. Take a look at what worked and what didn’t and look for areas in which you can improve. Set goals and establish timelines to help you stay on track. 

Make The Most Out Of Your Social Media Marketing With The Specialists At Get More Traffic

Is your website a highway at peak hour? Because boy, you’ll be getting a lot of traffic with the help of our digital marketing experts. One of the leading digital marketing agencies in Brisbane, we’re passionate about helping businesses all over Australia harness the power of social media marketing to take their bookings to the next level. So, if you’re ready to give traffic to your website the green light and learn more about marketing, contact the team at Get More Traffic today!

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How to Start Planning Your Best Financial Year Ever!

The end of the financial year is fast approaching and many businesses are scrambling to create some last-minute campaigns to increase their revenue.

However, just as important as the end of the financial year, is the beginning of a new one. While it’s always good to finish strong, it’s also important to ‌get a good head start against the competition. This means having a plan already set in place to help you jumpstart and launch your way towards success.

For that reason, we’ve put together a couple of tips on how you can get started planning the new financial year with your team and organisation.

1. Review Your Existing Business and Marketing Plan

The start of a new financial year is always a good time to review your current business and marketing plans in order for you to create a sound strategy moving forward.

As you review your business plan, make sure that it includes the following:

  • Your mission and vision statements
  • What products, packages, and services you’re currently offering
  • Your company structure, including the key staff and leaders
  • An overview of how you plan to make sales
  • A map of your basic customer journey

This quick review of your company’s basics and foundations should help remind and refresh you of the general overview of who you’re serving and what problems your business solves. 

This quick refresher should also help you reexamine and reevaluate your current goals, plans, and offerings and whether you’ve met and accomplished them, and what you’re plans might be moving forward.


2. Review the Past Year and Your Current Status

Before you can set a path for where you want to go, you first have to look back and see how far you’ve come.

Do a review and an executive summary of the past financial year. What goals were established? Which goals were achieved? Are there any areas in your business that you could improve on? This would be the perfect time to get feedback and suggestions from leaders and managers.

Take a day or two to meet with your staff and stakeholders to discuss the following points:

  • A SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats)
  • Does your current organisational structure need to change to better suit the organisation’s needs?
  • Are you setting the right KPIs for your workforce?
  • How have sales performed in the past year? What milestones were achieved?
  • Competitor analysis–what areas are they succeeding in and how can you match their growth?
  • Are there any plans set in place for unforeseeable challenges?

It will take some time to gather all this data and information, and much more to discuss them amongst your leaders. But achieving a good and thorough understanding of how your business has performed over the past 12 months will help you ‌move forward with setting the right goals for growth.


3. Decide on Your Future Goals and Targets

Now that you know where you’re coming from, it’s time to set your sights on the path ahead. 

Think about what projects, campaigns, and goals you want to accomplish in the next 12 months. Do you want to further increase revenue or sales? Is your goal to pay off any business debt? Are you looking to expand, launch new products or projects, or pivot in a different direction?

Take ample enough time to flesh out your goals for your business. Be specific. Set deadlines and timeframes so that things continue to move forward, and clearly communicate these goals throughout your organisation.


4. Create a Plan to Bridge that Gap Between Your Current State and Your Future Goals

Now comes the part where you have to work at bridging the gap between hope and reality. After all, every journey begins with a single step.

To achieve that, you need to do the following:

  • Breakdown each of your goals into several milestones.
  • Set deadlines for each milestone
  • Assign a leader or manager to oversee the accomplishment of each goal
  • Lay out the tasks that need to be accomplished in order for those goals to be achieved.
  • Set KPIs for each of the teams involved

When working on a strategic plan, always involve the key stakeholders to help provide proper feedback and guidance on the best path that you can take. The better you’re able to break down the steps necessary to accomplish your goals, the better. Start with the end in mind, and work backwards to determine how you can get from A to B.

In implementing that plan, however, sometimes you need an excellent partner to help you execute and achieve your goals.

Don’t worry! Because with the help of our digital marketing experts here at Get More Traffic, we can help you achieve many of your business goals for the new financial year through proven expert digital marketing strategies.

We’re passionate about helping businesses all over Australia harness the power of digital marketing to take their sales to the next level. If you’re ready to give traffic to your website the green light and learn how to increase sales and engagement through an always-on marketing strategy, contact the team at Get More Traffic today!

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