Kyle C

Social Media Trends For 2018

We’re in the final stretch of 2017, and in a mere two months we’ll be bringing in the new year. Businesses need to be on point in regards to brand awareness and marketing towards new customers. Social media trends that were standard practice this year may be left behind and give way to new trends.

It’s vital within the online sphere to stay ahead of the competition and know what to expect going forward into 2018. Not keeping up means being left behind, and lagging behind means missing out on potential new business.

So, it’s out with the old and in with the new!

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Rebecca Patrick

4 Social Media Myths Busted

With social media slowly becoming the most popular platform for small businesses to market their brand and services, certain myths have arisen as to whether or not it’s truly beneficial. Is an active social media profile a waste of your valuable time? Can you really drive sales from a social media post? You’ve probably wondered about it’s relevance to the marketing world and to your own business. We have five of the most common social media myths when it comes to SMB’s and why they’re busted.

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Rebecca Patrick

Instagram: The Platform To Grow Your Business

Since being acquired by Facebook in 2012, Instagram has experienced a rapid growth rate of over 400%. The visual based app continues to grow and provide businesses with the opportunity to use an alternative social media platform to grow your business. With 80% of the users on Instagram following at least one business, if you haven’t already, now is the time to get the gram! If you’re still pondering the move, below we’ve broken down why Instagram can’t be ignored any longer.

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Rochelle L

Social Media Investment – Is It Time?

It’s 2017 – time you made that risky jump and change to marketing through social media. We understand that change can be a little scary, especially if you’ve been in business a long time and have seen the benefits of traditional marketing methods such as flyers and word of mouth. But the truth is, those techniques are dying, and so will your business if you don’t make the switch. The below warning signs could mean it’s time for some social media investment in your small business.

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Rebecca Patrick

Boost Your Brand’s Social Following With 3 Quick Tips

It is more often than not that some businesses are looking for alternative ways to increase their following on social media in order to drive traffic for their brand. Mistakes are made when businesses create a page and simply hope for the best without any additional marketing implemented into their social media. Instead of waiting patiently for success, it’s more beneficial for your brand to get your name out to your audience and create a strategy to keep them coming back. We’ve got some tips and suggestions regarding your social media strategy in order to boost your brand’s social following and keep it growing.

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Rochelle L

Branding Your Business With Snapchat

Snapchat sees over 400 million messages logged each day and you’re not using it in your marketing campaign? Snapchat is a mobile phone app that allows users to send a picture or ‘snap’ to their friends, and once gone, can never be seen again. Alternatively, they can post this snap to their ‘story’ and it can be seen for 24 hours and viewed an unlimited amount of times. Don’t understand how your brand can benefit from this oddly limited tool? Well, let me show you how you can start branding your business with Snapchat. 

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Rochelle L

Social Media Marketing Management Tips

It’s time to talk about how you can take advantage of social media marketing. According to HubSpot, 80% of businesses claim social media has improved their traffic, but 85% of marketers don’t know how to best amplify their online presence. As this shows, there is huge potential in social media marketing to increase sales, but a lack of understanding on how to do so. To address this, we’ve compiled a short list of tips that can help to save time and improve your analytical results! 

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Jas R

Facebook’s Free Wi-Fi Is About More Than Just Generosity

How to utilise Facebook’s free Wi-Fi to improve your rankings!

Offering customers free Wi-Fi isn’t necessarily a revolutionary act—after all, how many times have you scammed some free internet time from your local coffee shop or hairdresser? The interesting thing about Facebook’s free Wi-Fi however, is that it allows you to actually improve your business’ rankings at the same time!

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Jas R

2017 LinkedIn Updates—Creating A Feed You Want To Read

LinkedIn users rejoice! The platform has finally created a way for you to improve your LinkedIn newsfeed!

For too long the platform’s home feed has been a somewhat frustrating experience; throwing up a random jumble of updates from connections—many of which may not be of any interest to you. But finally, LinkedIn has created a way for you to actually see more from connections you want to follow.

Announced this week via their official blog, LinkedIn have stated that users will now be able to customise their feed, hide content, and unfollow people/companies.

Customise Your Feed

Sick of seeing news and content that doesn’t interest you? Just tap on the control icon in the top right corner of any update and select ‘improve my feed.’ You can then make more customisations by discovering new industry leaders, publications and companies to follow. While this option is currently only available via mobile, any changes will be reflected on your desktop feed as well.

2017 linkedin updates

Hide Posts

Don’t want to keep seeing the same post? Simply tap on the control icon on the top right corner of that update, and you’ll no longer see that content. Easy!

Unfollow Companies

Much like Facebook, you can now unfollow connections you’re not as interested in seeing, while still staying connected.

While the latest changes from LinkedIn are certainly not unique, I’m sure most will agree that they’re definitely needed—because at the end of the day, we may have plenty of connections, but not all of their updates are most relevant to our lives.


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Jas R

Could Facebook Be The New Social Media/LinkedIn Hybrid?

Say hello to the new Facebook Job Tabs feature!

With LinkedIn, SEEK, CareerOne and a multitude of other job-seeker websites available at our fingertips, finding the right person for the job is a challenge that continues to persist. In fact, for 40% of small businesses across the US, filling jobs is ‘more difficult than expected’ (according to Facebook).

Like many other avenues already broached, Facebook have decided that recruitment is the newest area in which they’re ready to throw their hat in the ring. And honestly, it makes sense. Given that most people spend large amounts of time on the social platform, where better to reach potential employees?

As explained on the Facebook Business blog:

“We’re focused on building new ways to help make it easier for businesses to interact with the over 1 billion people visiting Pages every month. Businesses and people already use Facebook to fill and find jobs, so we’re rolling out new features that allow job posting and application directly on Facebook.” 

Announced just a few days ago, Facebook’s job connection features will allow businesses in the US and Canada (for now) to post job openings directly on their Pages. From there, interested candidates can apply through a businesses’ Page, or view/apply for positions via the Facebook Jobs tab. 

This process presents advertisers and business owners with the ease of contacting candidates directly through Messenger (if preferred) and accessing all information in one place. There’s also the option to boost job posts – as you would a normal Facebook ad – to target a more specific audience, or a greater number of people.

Facebook have advised that US and Canadian businesses can post directly to their Facebook Pages over the coming weeks, while job-applicants can apply via the jobs bookmark (available on desktop) or 

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Recent Posts


Ranking Higher On Google – Helpful Hints

If you’re a small business owner or marketer, you’ve probably got a goal to increase your online presence and rank higher on search engine result pages. Google will reward you for your expertise by moving you through the ranks into a better position. Here, users are more likely to see you and therefore, are more likely to click through to your site. However, before you even begin thinking about ranking higher on Google, you must know that it’s up to you to put the effort into making your website and services pertinent to your audience. To do so, you might need to have effective SEO or PPC campaigns running. Alternatively, you can work on improving your website content yourself by following some of the helpful hints that Google gives to your for free.

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Small Business Blogging – What To Write

If you don’t already have a blog, you’ve probably at least had a few suggestions to begin one. They’re a simple way to connect and understand your audience better. They also boost your organic SEO and are a great way to establish yourself as a thought leader. However, coming up with ideas to write about can be the most time-consuming part of this form of content marketing. To help you along, we’ve listed and defined a few options to jumpstart your small business blogging. 

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