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How To Guide: Landing Pages To Engage Customer’s Attention

With COVID-19 impacting local businesses everywhere, people throughout the country are ditching the physical stores and moving online to keep their companies afloat. Over the past two years, digital marketing in Brisbane has boomed. Business owners are investing heavily in search engine optimisation, social media marketing, Google Ads, and more. However, without a relevant and valuable landing page to direct traffic to, many local businesses are still missing out on the full potential of digital marketing. 

Digital marketing agencies help Brisbane businesses in a number of different ways, offering them a range of valuable insights they may otherwise have gone without. One of these insights is introducing business owners to the power of landing pages. You may be wondering… What even is a landing page? While we’re not expecting you to know the ins and outs of every marketing tool (after all, that’s our job, not yours!), we guarantee that you’ve visited a landing page at least once. 

Designed to convert website traffic into leads, landing pages can help to grow your business and establish your reputation as a relevant and successful brand. Rather than leaving searchers to navigate a multi-page website, landing pages place them on a one-page site containing the exact information they need. Directing your traffic to a specific landing page can reduce your bounce rate, increase conversions and boost your search engine rankings. Now you know what a landing page is, let’s discuss: What makes a landing page good, and what kind of landing pages should your business be looking to create?

What To Put On Your Landing Page

When you’re setting up your landing page, you should be viewing it as a sales pitch to your audience. With only a single page to work with, you’re going to want to create a convincing argument as to why people should go ahead and give you business. No matter what kind of landing page you decide to create, unique selling points are essential for all of them. Ask yourself what makes your business special and why your products/services are a cut above the rest. Then, tell your audience! If you’re stuck for ideas, consider the following:

  • Who Made Your Products: In recent years, more people have become concerned with ethics at every stage of the supply chain. From the people responsible for sourcing a product’s materials to those processing their payment at checkout, customers are starting to care. If your business traces its entire supply chain and can guarantee the health and wellbeing of employees at every stage, that’s a major selling point. It’s also just a better way to do business!
  • Locally Owned And Operated: Another huge selling point for many people in Australia is knowing that they’re supporting local trade. Not only do local businesses strengthen our economy, but they are also often more personable and can guarantee higher quality products/services. If your business is locally operated, family-run, or offers Australian made products, highlight that on your landing page! While you’re at it, we’d recommend getting certified as Australian Made if you can.
  • Covid Policies: Ever since the pandemic, people have been eager to know how the businesses they buy from are operating during covid. Is your company looking after its staff by implementing social distancing, work from home arrangements, and job security? Are customers likely to experience delays due to manufacturing or shipping? Will purchasing from your business help the local economy through this uncertainty? However your company is navigating covid, your customers are keen to know. 
  • Shipping and Returns: People love to receive things as quickly as possible, and they also want to feel secure in the purchases they make. If your company offers next day shipping, mention it on your landing page. If you have a money-back guarantee on all products, mention that too! Allow your customers to place trust in your business and feel secure in their purchases to encourage their business.

Now that we’ve covered what to put on your landing page, it’s time to go over the types of landing pages you can choose from. These days, there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to landing pages; each one serves its own purpose. With so many different types of businesses investing in digital marketing and Google Ads across Australia, it’s important to find the right landing page for your business to help it grow.

Product/Service Pages

Possibly the most popular choice, landing pages can be great for simply directing traffic toward a page specified to list your products or services. These types of landing pages highlight specific products or services in a generalised way rather than giving them in-depth descriptions and prices. They give customers just enough information to intrigue them while still requiring them to reach out to you to gain access to the full picture. This type of landing page is a great way to generate enquiries and encourage your customer to interact with you.

Seasonal Pages

Highlight holiday promotions on their own dedicated page with a seasonal landing page. These landing pages are a fantastic way to advertise seasonal products, services, and offers in the lead up to national holidays/events. Their main purpose is to prevent your website from looking cluttered and help people to locate your business’ seasonal offers with ease. Landing pages are quick and easy to set up, making them even more appealing for seasonal offers. Simply buy your domain, create a page’s worth of content, and get it ranking! 

If you’re confident in web design, you can do all of this yourself. Otherwise, we recommend hiring one of the many digital marketing agencies Brisbane has to offer (like Get More Traffic. Ahem…) to get your landing page up and running in no time. Once the season is over, you can simply shut the landing page down or better yet, keep it and just rejig it for the next promotion! Just because the event is over, it doesn’t mean you have to remove your page, especially if it’s ranking!

Offer Ended Pages

Continuing on from the previous point, offer ended landing pages can be useful in a myriad of situations. Mostly used after promotional events, these landing pages are popular amongst venues or businesses that host conferences and meetings. All you have to do is let your customer know they’ve missed out on the deal. Then, direct them to one of your current promotions or even just back to your main website’s homepage where they can explore your offers further.

Introduction Pages

Want to introduce people to you or your brand? An introduction landing page is a great way to control your story and provide the most valuable information about your business straight off the bat. These pages can also act as an ‘About Us’, successfully setting the tone of your brand and highlighting your unique selling points in a succinct manner. They’re great for capturing your audience’s attention and reassuring them that you’re a reputable and trustworthy business that is worth their time or money.

Create The Ultimate Landing Page For Your Business With Get More Traffic!

There are so many options when creating the perfect landing page for your business. With so many options to choose from, the marketing possibilities for your business are seemingly endless. At Get More Traffic, we help businesses unlock their full potential online by creating unique landing pages tailored to their needs. We offer a free landing page to each client who signs up for our Google AdWords PPC Management service. 

As one of Australia’s top digital marketing agencies, Brisbane businesses can rest assured that we have the expertise to provide them with the best landing pages for their brand. Generate more leads for your business and create the ultimate marketing campaign with one of our unique landing pages. Contact Get More Traffic to talk to one of our digital marketing experts and get started today!

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Video Helps 95% of Sales – Are You Missing Out?

Is there a video ad or commercial that stuck with you so much that you’d never forgotten it even after several years? How about one that turned you into a loyal fan of a particular ‌brand or product for years and years to come?

Video marketing has definitely changed over the last couple of decades. Back in the day, much of marketing and branding content was consumed through the radio airwaves or between your favourite TV shows. These days, most companies make use of content marketing and online advertising to target potential customers on search engines and social media.

The use of online video marketing has become so prevalent that more and more companies and marketers are leveraging off of its rise and popularity. In fact, a recent survey by Brightcove showed that 95% of business-to-business (B2B) consumers agree that video places an enormous influence on their decision to make a purchase. About 85% of B2B buyers would choose to watch a product demo video rather than read about it through a blog post or article.

If your company has yet to dip its toes into creating marketing videos, here are some important reasons you should seriously consider doing so.


1. Video Marketing Helps Buyers Make Purchasing Decisions

Would you believe that 97% of B2B buyers surveyed claim that watching a video has helped them form a sense of trust in a company’s ability to deliver on its promises? In fact, 88% of the B2B buyers surveyed have consumed a company’s videos in order to learn more about their products and services.

This is where content marketing comes into play for most companies, because not just any type of video will help you capture leads and conversions. According to the survey, some of the most viewed types of videos they consumed in the last three months include:

  • Product review videos
  • Product demos
  • Tutorials & training
  • Educational videos
  • Brand stories
  • Customer testimonials
  • Thought leadership interviews

Many of these types of videos can be considered branding content. This just means that the videos made are not going for the hard sell. Rather, they are attempting to educate viewers about their products and services. This type of content marketing helps create authority and trust for the brand by showing off their expertise to their audience.

This brings us to our second point.


2. Video Marketing Helps Establish Trust & Authority

Building trust and authority is one of the most important things a company can do for their business. In fact, it’s these two things that turn a window-shopper into a paying customer. Building trust, however, requires an audience that’s willing to listen.

When it comes to learning about a company or its products, Wyzowl discovered that 73% of people would much prefer to watch a video rather than read a text-based article. In fact, only 11% of people would choose to read a website, article, or blog post. If you’re reading this right now, you’re part of the minority.

Additionally, the Brightcove survey shows that 93% of B2B buyers say that watching a video has helped them form a sense of trust in a company’s ability to deliver on its promises. In Wyzowl’s survey, 88% of those surveyed said that they were convinced to buy a product or service after watching a brand’s video, while 78% said that watching a video ‌convinced them to download or buy a piece of software or app.

This means that the messaging contained in your video is extremely important. Whether your video contains testimonials, tutorials, or other forms of branding content, what’s important is that you’re able to acknowledge their pain points, and convince them that you hold the solution to their problems.


3. Video Marketing Improves Leads & Sales.

A huge 87% of marketers say that video has helped them increase their traffic. In fact, in the same survey 86% of marketers say video has helped them increase leads, while 81% say that it has helped directly increase sales.

Video marketing is not going anywhere either, as according to HubSpot, YouTube is the second most-visited website in the world wherein 2 billion users watch about 5 billion videos on average per day.


Maximise Your Video Ad Exposure with Our Digital Marketing Experts at Get More Traffic

There are tremendous opportunities in video marketing and content marketing these days, and those opportunities only seem to be growing. Digital marketing and advertising, though, takes time away from you managing and running your business. Let our digital marketing experts here at Get More Traffic help! Whether you want to run your video through Google Ads, YouTube, or Social Media, we can help set you up and get started climbing that ladder towards online success. Contact the team at Get More Traffic today!

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The Ultimate EOFY Checklist For Your Small Business

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know the end of the financial year is approaching. That means it’s probably time to get your social media marketing in order. But if you really want the end the financial year on a high note, there are some things you’re going to want to do. Below is our ultimate EOFY checklist for small businesses, guaranteed to help you end the financial year with a bang!

Get More Traffic’s Top 10 EOFY Tips

At GMT, we’re helping you get ready for the EOFY. That said, here is a checklist to help make the preparation just that much simpler. 

Review And Coordinate Your Accounts

Do you have any outstanding debts or vice versa? Say you’ve paid for Google Ads in Australia but your account is overdue or maybe you’ve provided a service to someone else who now owes you. Use this period to get on top of what you’ve paid to others and what they’ve paid you. You’ll want to make sure you pay vendors any money owed as well. Sorting all this out means you won’t have to worry about it being taxed next year. 

Keep Records And Back Up Your Data

You’ve heard the term, ‘I’ve got receipts’, and well there’s no hard evidence like proof of purchase. Additionally, we recommend backing up any crucial files or data onto a hard drive independent of your computer. You know, for safe measure. Trust us, if systems fail you’re going to thank yourself for being so proactive. 

Review Your Insurance

While you’re at it, you might as well review your insurance policies for any updates. Doing so will allow you to determine if you’re still on a package that’s right for you and your business. It’s also a great opportunity to update your insurer on any change in circumstance. 

Conduct An Audit

Count and recount your inventory so you know exactly what you have and what you need. Doing so will allow you to match what’s on paper with what’s on hand. 

Use Your Calendar

Planning is key so make a note of all your upcoming due dates, including by when you need to lodge your tax returns. 

Lodge Your Taxes

In Australia, the ATO expects you to lodge your taxes on or before October 31st so we recommend getting ready early. Organise your expenses and other tax deductions so you can have your return ready for submission sooner rather than later.

Rectify Bookkeeping Errors

With the financial year ending, you’ll want a fresh start going into the new year. We recommend going through your bookkeeping and identifying any transaction errors on your bank accounts and credit card statements.

Implement And Update Management Software

Management software makes keeping track of your inventory, finances, and other business assets easy. While we also encourage you to check all of these things manually during this time, implementing and updating your management software will save you time and resources in the long run. 

Prepare Financial Reports

Running financial reports helps point out where your business rests financially. Additionally, they’re fantastic for helping businesses outline and plan their budgeting. There are three financial reports you’re going to want to run this financial year and every subsequent year after. They are:

Balance sheet
Cash flow sheet 
Profit-and-Loss (P&L) statement

Prepare For The New Year

If you’re reading this checklist, you likely want to get on top of everything before the new financial year rolls around. By doing so, you’ll be able to figure out how your company performed over the past year and make an action plan for the future. Take a look at what worked and what didn’t and look for areas in which you can improve. Set goals and establish timelines to help you stay on track. 

Make The Most Out Of Your Social Media Marketing With The Specialists At Get More Traffic

Is your website a highway at peak hour? Because boy, you’ll be getting a lot of traffic with the help of our digital marketing experts. One of the leading digital marketing agencies in Brisbane, we’re passionate about helping businesses all over Australia harness the power of social media marketing to take their bookings to the next level. So, if you’re ready to give traffic to your website the green light and learn more about marketing, contact the team at Get More Traffic today!

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