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6 Ways To Boost Organic Traffic With Your New Blog

So, you’ve posted your latest content and you’re excited to share your expertise with the world. What happens next? Rather than rely on search engines and your current subscribers to boost organic traffic, we’ve listed six things to do after you’ve written a new blog that should help it get noticed by influencers and ideal customers.

1. Keyword Integration

While your content could be groundbreaking, no one is going to discover this unless you put some effort into keyword integration and research to positively impact your search engine rankings and to boost organic traffic. Assuming you’re using Google AdWords (if not, you should be), then take advantage of the free keyword suggestion tool.

boost organic traffic

2. Status Updates

To enhance the number of clicks you receive, tailor every headline and status for each social site you have. You also have to remember that not everyone will see it immediately. This won’t boost organic traffic immediately, give your post some time to get some traction. Alternatively, you can take advantage of some amplification tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer that can post to all your social media sites and have scheduling tools to post at optimal times.

boost organic traffic

3. Shorten The Post’s URL

Shortening a URL is necessary on Twitter due to the character limit for each post but it can be a smart strategy to use it for all your social media networks. The most popular URL shorteners that offer analytics include and These sites allow you to check for click and geographical statistics.

boost organic traffic

4. Comment On Other Blogs

You can continue to add value not only through your content marketing but by adding value to someone else’s content. Providing helpful comments on other blogs is a great way to generate more traffic, develop relationships and add backlinks. Try not to be self-promotional and focus on adding a genuine viewpoint on something their post might be lacking.

boost organic traffic

5. Create A Call To Action

Ensure you offer at least one option for your readers to engage. Ask a question. Add a newsletter sign up form. Find a way to capture your audience and build a stronger bond with your customers. Newsletters are a great start to increase lead generation and questions encourage engagement and inspire feedback.

boost organic traffic

6. Add Your Blog To Your Latest Newsletter

Not everyone has an e-newsletter service, but if you do, you should be incorporating some of your blog content. Include teasers that ensure a click-through and keep track of which posts get the most clicks. You may even find a topic that your customers are so interested in that you have to create a follow-up post on it.

boost organic traffic

It’s always frustrating when you spend a lot of your valuable time and hard work writing the perfect blog to no avail. Now next time you post a blog you know how to maximise the reach of it. Writing the actual post is only a small part of the process, and hopefully, these appreciable tips help you achieve more organic traffic.

If you’re interested in discovering more ways to boost organic traffic, contact Get More Traffic today on 1300 332 256 to talk to one of our SEO specialists. 

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