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Get More Traffic are a Multi-Skilled Digital Marketing Agency

Perhaps your business is lagging, and you think a sleepy web presence is to blame. Maybe you recently started a new company and need some help promoting your brand online. No matter the situation, Get More Traffic can help. We pride ourselves on our ability to drive qualified traffic to your website. When you work… Read More »

Search Engine Marketing with Get More Traffic

Search engines are vital to the success of most modern businesses. They are also complex and incredibly difficult to master, for a long list of different reasons. For one thing, search engines are fluid—not static. Google is constantly tweaking its algorithms and the way it displays results, among other things. Furthermore, new content is being… Read More »

What is SEM and What Does It Mean for Your QLD Company?

In the past, small and medium business owners and entrepreneurs had to rely on several methods to make their presence in a community known. These methods included everything from print ads in the most popular newspapers, radio ads, and even things like billboards or painted signs. While these marketing methods still have value and there’s… Read More »

How to Choose the Right Service Package from Your SEO Company in Queensland

If you choose Get More Traffic as your SEO company in Queensland, you will find that we have three basic search engine optimisation ‘competition levels.’ These competition levels—labelled simply as ‘Low,’ ‘Moderate’ and ‘High’—mostly dictate the geographic reach that your campaign will have. Each competition level, meanwhile, includes three basic packages. In other words, Get… Read More »

Why Does Your Company Need SEO Friendly Website Design?

Every business owner wants their company to stand out from the crowd. When you put so much work into launching your business idea and honing your services or products offered, it’s natural to want people to take notice. In a crowded marketplace, that can be difficult. When it comes to the Internet, it can be… Read More »

Should You Hire an Australia AdWords Management Company for Help with Your Marketing Efforts?

‘Can my business benefit from using Google AdWords?’ At Get More Traffic, as a well-regarded AdWords management company in Australia, we frequently hear different variations on this question. Businesses come to us having heard about AdWords or spoken with other enterprises that use it. In most cases, these companies are wondering what they might have… Read More »

Improve the Performance of Your Website with the Help of an Australian SEO Provider

Are the product pages or landing pages on your website failing to deliver the level of traffic you’d like to see? Alternatively, are you getting a decent amount of traffic, but also seeing short dwell times, high bounce rates and minimal conversions? If your website is suffering from these traffic-related woes, then there is a… Read More »