Get More Traffic : A Gold Coast based Digital Marketing Company

It’s not about quantity; it’s about quality. Some variation of the above statement has been repeated throughout history, in reference to everything from friends to clients to products. It can also be applied to internet marketing—a fact that many businesses make the mistake of not realising. At Get More Traffic, our Gold Coast digital marketing… Read More »

Get More Traffic are a Multi-Skilled Digital Marketing Agency

Perhaps your business is lagging, and you think a sleepy web presence is to blame. Maybe you recently started a new company and need some help promoting your brand online. No matter the situation, Get More Traffic can help. We pride ourselves on our ability to drive qualified traffic to your website. When you work… Read More »

Take Your Gold Coast Search Marketing to the Next Level With Get More Traffic

You’ve gone through the process of keyword research and content development, and have even optimised your website to be search engine friendly. By all accounts, your SEO campaign is doing what it should. You’re ranking on several SERPs, your traffic is up, and you are getting decent conversion rates. You’ve done all that you need… Read More »

Three Ways an Internet Marketing Company Can Help You Get More from Your Budget

Thanks to the internet and all the intuitive tools out there for building websites, advertising online and more, businesses have a lot of power to build their brands and reach new customers—without spending much money. However, while it’s easier today for companies to manage their own marketing than it used to be, there are still… Read More »

Get More Traffic: An Online Marketing Agency that Cares

When Is It Time to Hire an Online Marketing Agency for My Small Business? As a small business owner or entrepreneur, it can be difficult to admit that you need help managing any part of your business. Specifically for entrepreneurs, there is a lot of pride to be found in the DIY ethos. As a… Read More »

Search Engine Marketing with Get More Traffic

Search engines are vital to the success of most modern businesses. They are also complex and incredibly difficult to master, for a long list of different reasons. For one thing, search engines are fluid—not static. Google is constantly tweaking its algorithms and the way it displays results, among other things. Furthermore, new content is being… Read More »

Serious Australian Search Engine Marketing Can Help You Grow Across Australia

When you’re just a regular user of the Internet, you likely don’t spend much time thinking about all the ads you see. Some might catch your eye and prove to be useful, but many of them pass by unnoticed. Once you’re a business owner, though, it’s hard to see those same ads as someone’s hard… Read More »

Get More Traffic Offers the Best in SEO Brisbane Has To Offer

If you are interested in real results for SEO than Get More Traffic is where it is at. A good SEO company understands that ranking is simply not about stuffing keywords in content and back-links on your site. SEO is about understanding Search Engines and how they view your site. The expert staff at Get… Read More »

Improve Your Gold Coast or Queensland SEM Efforts with Get More Traffic

In the business world, there’s no driver’s manual for you to refer to when you come to a difficult decision. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is go with your gut instinct and learn from whatever experience follows. Other times, though, it’s important to ensure proper handling of important tasks that can be vital… Read More »

Get More Traffic: The Australian Search Marketing Experts

No matter the type of business you run, every owner at one point or another experiences some frustration with their efforts in search marketing. It’s easy enough to understand the importance of placing ads online and targeting terms related to your business. The execution, though, can be a little more involved. There are many layers… Read More »